Best Youth Entrepreneur:
Denzel Onaba

Founder of Fidget Kidz and young actor, Denzel Onaba has shown exception business and leadership skills. Vancouver child actor and filmmaker Denzel’s talent, confidence, wisdom and career vision stretch far beyond his young age, and he is already making an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Identifying a need and creating the “Anti-stress balls”, Denzel’s newest venture Fidget Kidz is yet another accomplishment in this young entrepreneurs list of achievements.

Best Woman Owned Business:
Naa Sheka Fashion

Founded by Naa Sheka Williams, NaaSheka Fashion is a fusion of afrocentric and western influence, a blend of the two heritages. With the use of traditional West African textiles into a high quality comfortable line. The two collections are street wear/lifestyle and an exclusive collection called the “48” limited and hand crafted in Ghana, West Africa. These pieces are truly unique, 48 pieces of each fabric or design are not produced again after the entering the market.

Best Innovative Business:
PaaS, Paralegal as a Service

Founded by Nya Guy, PaaS provides efficient and cost-effective remote corporate paralegal services on a subscription basis.
Perfect for small to midsize companies and startups.
PaaS is highly specialized in incorporation, annual maintenance, name change, change of directors, virtualisation of corporate minute books, and standard corporate transactions.

Best Solopreneur:
Sabrina Jafralie

Dr.Jafralie is a leader in teacher education, racial and religious literacy, and diversity. She is committed to helping citizens by diversifying curriculums, policies and training. She focuses on examining religious literacy, racial diversity, and community building through purposeful dialogue. Dr.Jafralie believes creating honest dialogue with openness and direction helps people build relationships with each other and communities. As a diversity and equity specialist, Dr.Jafralie has worked with a variety of organizations to build sustainable and tangible diversity and equity initiatives.

Best New Business:
Blaze Beauty by Melo

Founded by Melat Hadera, Blaze Beauty by Melo was created to equip women by quality products to promote self confidence. A line of make up and accessories to meet the needs of todays modern woman.

2022 Business of the Year:
Go2Girl Services

Founded by La Toya Olson, The idea of Go2Girl started in 2012, by La Toya. Offering a series of services including: Residential & Commercial Cleaning, Airbnb Moving, Home Organization, Weddings & Events, End of Life arrangements.

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